03 08 13

Pared-down, Swedish-style.

Site SPOTTED.  Acne, a Swedish fashion collective stands for Ambition to Create Novel Expressions (not the adolescent skin condition). Founded in Stockholm in 1996, Acne Studios is a clothing company, a production company, an advertising agency, and a publisher with one of the coolest print magazines on the market, Acne Paper. Acne markets and communicates exclusively through its own media (website, print, video). Like almost all things Scandinavian, its site presents the clothing line in a classically pared-down approach. Photography is a mix of runway shots, silhouettes of fresh-faced models or simple product images. Typography is clean and tasteful with a small dose of boldness. Descriptive or promotional copy is minimal. Navigation is straight-forward. E-commerce and customer service pages are both concise and reassuring. Skinny jeans aside, if you are looking for the minimal chic thing for wardrobe basics, think Acne…