08 13 13

Keeping advertising saucy

Off-Color Wordplay From Kraft, Part of a Big Marketing Blitz”, by Stuart Elliot of the The New York Times looks at a change in main stream marketers message in advertising. Specifically, with Kraft, it is clear from the new ’Kraft Recipe Maker’ ads that we are living in the post-Zesty Guy era of advertising. This time, the off-color comes from the product’s tagline “Get your chef together.” The tongue-in-cheek tagline, a play on the more profane phase, is not meant to offend, but to appeal to new consumers, specifically the younger set. Why not make food advertising fun? Of course, not everyone is a fan. Anthony Sperduti of New York-based agency Partners & Spade contends the ads could be damaging in the long term as they foster the idea that Kraft is a “potty-mouth brand.” What bothers us about the ads is not the tagline, not the potty-mouth dialogue, but the creepy, bobble-headed Rocco DiSpirito and Carla Hall. Not to mention their B status in the food world. Simply, not appetizing or well-krafted…