Frequently asked questions

What type of firm is Kellyco?

Kellyco is a nimble boutique branding, marketing and design firm delivering cost-effective, impactful solutions to clients’ business challenges.

Kellyco excels in a wide range of disciplines, from brand identity, design and web marketing to sales support, content creation and social media.

How long is Kellyco in business?

Kellyco has been in business since 2001.

What are Kellyco’s strengths?

Kellyco excels in a wide range of disciplines, from brand identity, design and content creation to sales support, web marketing and social media. Ours strengths include our broader expertise in strategy development, marketing expertise and creative. We have delivered unique and superior value to our diverse client roster at substantially lower fees than larger agencies, marketing or branding firms.

What services does Kellyco offer?

Kellyco delivers a unique combination of branding, marketing and creative expertise, providing clients with distinctive, cutting-edge work, exceptional service and value.

Kellyco offers on-demand service in the following areas:

Brand identity
Content development
Content strategy
Graphic design
Image consulting
Sales support
Social media
Strategic positioning
Web design
Web development
Web marketing

What industries has Kellyco worked in?

Our experience is diverse and includes the following:

Art & photography
Consumer products/services
Financial services
Food & beverage
Interior design
Non-profit organizations
Online media
Professional services
Real estate

What services are offered for branding?

Our experience and strengths in brand work include:

Brand analysis
Market research
Brand positioning development
Product naming
Logo design
Brand identity development
Brand standards manuals

What creative services are offered?

Our experience and strengths in creative services include:

Graphic design
Art direction
Web design
Advertising (digital, print & outdoor)
Publication design & production
Presentation design & production
Graphic production
Infographic design & production
Photograph/art search
Original photography/art
Brand image library creation & maintenence

Does Kellyco provide regular or higher volume design or graphic production work?

Yes, Kellyco often provides regular design and graphic production services to large corporations, mid-sized companies and smaller clients. These are often work overflow situations where in-house groups need assistance with workload — regular or periodic higher-volume demands or special projects.

What services are offered for content development?

Our experience and strengths in content development include:

Content planning
Content development
Copywriting & copyediting
Brand voice style development
Brand voice manuals
Graphic design & production
Chart, graphs and tables design & production

What digital services are offered?

Our experience and strengths in digital services include:

Content planning
Content development
Data integration
Data collection & analysis
Web design & development
Web assets production
Search marketing
Social media post planning
Social media post development
Social media campaign development
Online advertising

How fast can a project be completed?

Projects can be completed in a few hours or can take several months depending on complexity. Deadlines and milestones are always defined at the start of each project.

What is the company’s general process for work?

Simple projects generally utilize a basic project process:

Project definition
Solution options presentation
Client review
Revisions completion
Deliverable distribution

More complex projects such as brand identity design requires a more robust process:

Project definition
Competitive landscape survey
Client insight & input
Potential solutions presentation
Option evaluation
Optimal solution completion
Stakeholder presentation
Revisions completion
Solution distribution, deployment or activation
Impact assessment

What resources (people) does Kellyco utilize for client work?

Generally, senior staff are involved in all projects. An account manager supervises all client communication and project workflow. Depending on the requirments of the project, marketing strategists, content specialists, designers and creative directors are deployed as needed.

How are services delivered and billed?

Our services are available in the following delivery categories:

Project basis
Regular basis
Temporary basis
Consultative basis

Clients often combine above to custom design a plan to work best for them.

Projects are billed to agreed terms with the client. Kellyco generally invoices 50% of agreed fees at the start of new projects with balances billed at the project completion. On-going work would be billed at agreed terms, usually monthly.

Does Kellyco provide outsourced creative services?

Kellyco often works with in-house marketing or creative service departments of both large corporations and smaller companies or organizations with either regular workload, overflow needs or special projects. Design and graphic production services are provided depending on client needs.

Resource needs are defined before proposal or estimates are provided. Fees can be project-based, monthly retainers or hourly depending on work definition and client preference.

What is the best way to discuss a potential project?

An initial conversation followed by a creative brief or project specifications is a good start. Any other critical information can be added or clarified as needed. A proposal would quickly follow for review.

How fast can a proposal or estimate be provided?

Most proposals or estimated can be provided within 24 hours. Depending on components and scale, more complex proposals may take 2-5 business days.

Where is Kellyco located?

Kellyco is located at 333 Hudson Street (near Charlton Street) in West Soho/Hudson Square, New York City.

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