Korma with Mushrooms & Chickpeas

Mushrooms and chickpeas are a winning combination. We like to pair them with our classic Korma sauce, which we amp up with a bit more turmeric and cayenne in this version. It makes a robust vegetarian entree, served with brown rice or quinoa.

Tikka Buddha Bowl

A hearty bowl of grain, greens, beans—plus a simmer sauce to pull it all together. We love roasting the veggies first to bring out their natural sweetness. Then we pair them with chickpeas simmered in our Vegan Tikka Masala sauce. We like pea shoots and cashews, but use any sprouts and nuts that inspire you.

Tofu Tikka with Kale

We’re always looking for ways to prepare tofu since it’s such a rich source of plant-based protein. Searing gives it a nice crispy texture, and it’s easy to do. For this dish, simply pour our Vegan Tikka Masala over the pieces, and serve with sautéed kale. How easy is that?

Goan Chickpea Curry

This recipe is quite simple, but it shows you how to mash up the cooked chickpeas to help thicken the sauce–something Indians often do with their chana (chickpea) curries. You could use any sauce with this method, but chickpea paired with our Goan Coconut sauce is one of our favorite combos!

Kashmiri Vegetable Soup

Did you know our sauces make excellent soup bases? Try this easy, nourishing soup recipe that will warm you right up. And check out our great method for turning your extra kale into crispy kale chips.