Korma Cauliflower with Peas

Pea shoots are a seasonal ingredient that are worth snagging if you can find them. They are so tender and tasty and add a special dimension to this dish. But even if you can’t, this is still a winning combination for a simple weeknight curry.

Korma with Mushrooms & Chickpeas

Mushrooms and chickpeas are a winning combination. We like to pair them with our classic Korma sauce, which we amp up with a bit more turmeric and cayenne in this version. It makes a robust vegetarian entree, served with brown rice or quinoa.

Vegetable Korma

If you’re looking for a mild cozy curry, look no further! Our Coconut Korma is creamy without being heavy, and it simmers beautifully with mixed vegetables. If you like yours extra rich, use coconut milk instead of water.