Goan Shrimp & Eggplant Curry

The coastal state of Goa is known for sandy beaches and seafood curries. This shrimp curry captures that taste, combining all our favorite flavors: shrimp, coconut, tamarind, and eggplant. If you like your curries saucy, add some canned coconut milk. We promise it will be delicious and transporting!

Goan Chicken Curry with Chunky Tomatoes

This chicken curry has the fragrance of coconut with the rich tanginess of tomato. The sauce has a gentle heat to it, but add sliced jalapeno for some extra fun! Enjoy it with fluffy steamed rice and an ice cold beer.

Goan Chickpea Curry

This recipe is quite simple, but it shows you how to mash up the cooked chickpeas to help thicken the sauce–something Indians often do with their chana (chickpea) curries. You could use any sauce with this method, but chickpea paired with our Goan Coconut sauce is one of our favorite combos!