Chicken and Sweet Potato Vindaloo

This recipe has been on our site since the beginning, and it’s still one of the most-visited. Maybe it’s because the sweet potato offsets some of the vindaloo’s heat, or maybe it’s the combination of chicken and tangy sauce. Whatever the reason, we hope you love it too! And if sweet potato isn’t your thing, just swap it for any firm potato.

Shrimp Vindaloo

Sautéed peppers and onions add a nice sweet note to this flavorful shrimp curry. For a more colorful Vindaloo is known for being hot and sour, with undertones of coconut. It originated in Goa, a coastal state with lots of great seafood curries, so it seems only fitting to pair our Spicy Vindaloo with shrimp. We like to enrich this dish with additional coconut milk to make it extra saucy. Serve this over a bowl of steaming hot rice.  

Lamb Vindaloo

Here’s a classic that would normally be time-consuming to make from scratch, but our Spicy Vindaloo sauce makes it ridiculously easy. The main thing required for this dish is TIME, since lamb does best with a long slow simmer. We suggest you start this dish 2 hours before serving, to give the meat a chance to tenderize and the flavors a chance to meld.